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We first want to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and patronage! Opening a new downtown business during these times has been rewarding AND challenging. As we navigate through the new and changing regulations, we humbly ask the pubic to help us enforce the county mandates so that we can, as a community, do what we can to lower the incidence of COVID 19 in our county & state.

While we want to keep our doors open, staff working and our patrons imbibing in the best craft cocktails and bar fare in Missoula, we can only do so, if we can ethically do it safely.  At this time, we DO believe we can accomplish both IF our patrons help us do so.  This includes wearing masks while entering, exiting or moving about the building!  Regardless of your personal belief in masks, the health department WILL shut down businesses whose patrons don't comply. So please keep in mind your actions absolutely affect our ability to remain open.  THANK YOU SO MUCH MISSOULA!

As of Feb. 18th, 2021 - our governor has lifted state mandates but COUNTY restrictions still take precedence:

  • Stave & Hoop has been operating at a socially distanced 50% capacity since our opening in May. 

  • We boast a newly renovated and extremely well ventilated space that is disinfected NIGHTLY by a local professional LEED certified cleaning crew. 

  • We've continually mandated masks and disinfecting protocols for our staff.

  • Maximum of 10 guests per table BUT our curfew of 10pm HAS BEEN LIFTED!    

PRO TIPS in the Covid-19 World

  • Grab a drink & burger a little earlier than normal - Stave & Hoop is less busy and you're more likely to find a socially distanced barstool or table between the hours of 4p & 7p.

  • Week nights are less busy than weekends - so grab a friend and enjoy some semblance of normalcy on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

  • Stave & Hoop happy hour is the best in town, between 4:06-5:30 - not only is there plenty of space, all the menu items are half price!

  • Take advantage of the our DAILY SPEAKEASY SPECIALS, they are a little earlier in the evenings as well.  Fun, fabulous deals that'll get you home in time for dinner..... or curfew.  

Like the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression and Prohibition, we'll eventually get to the other side, but it will be a lot easier if we stick together doing it.

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